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Thursday, March 21, 2013

5 lessons learned at SXSWi

IMG_1316v2It’s been a little over a week since SXSWi 2013 wrapped and we are slowly recovering from the 5-day tech extravaganza. Most of our time at SXSWi was spent watching startup pitches at Dreamit Ventures Demo Days, listening to the panels at Startup America and walking around the Convention Center with 30,000 other people. There was also a significant amount of time waiting in line to see Grumpy Cat…

Key takeaways from SXSWi:

1.     Relationships are what build businesses. You’ve got to have a great group of people surrounding you. Also networking, networking and more networking. Talking to strangers isn’t always fun but you’ll meet some interesting people along the way.  And you never know who will be in a position to help you out or make a key introduction down the line.

2.    Big data is, well, big. There’s a lot of data out there, and that amount is only going to increase. Figure out what is most important for the success of your business and how to leverage it. The way you use data can make or break your investor pitch.

3.     Crowdfunding. It’s a great way to get your idea out into the market place and potentially get lots of small investments. This gives you some leverage and momentum when going after the bigger investors.

4.    Be able to tell your story. If you can’t summarize your business in a clear and concise way to a stranger while waiting in line, how will you tell it to investors?

5.    You can have too much BBQ. And when asked if you are on the list, always say yes.

Make it down to Austin for the big event? Let us know what you learned in the comments.

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