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Monday, March 11, 2013

6 Awesome Investor Pitch Decks that Any Entrepreneur Can Learn From


Duxter’s pitch deck touches on everything investors go into a pitch presentation wanting to know, while taking advantage of beautiful design practices. From market size to user acquisition, this Duxter presentation leaves no stone unturned.


Brand Boards

These guys not only highlight their achievements, but they trim their content to only 8 slides, while managing to touch on all the deliverables. They include product snapshots, informative market data, investment opportunities, and member profiles. The one thing that’s could have been executed better was information on competition.



This is an excellent business model and a great pitch deck presentation. They use 20 slides (a few more than we recommend), but in a crisp and creative way, making sure not to waste any space. It is evident that they’ve done their market research, outlining that there are 57 million golfers worldwide and that 60 percent of them make more than a $100k/year.



This is a perfect example of a free flowing pitch deck that uses awesome design combined with a clear problem and its valuable solution.



Fittr’s presentation is another example of great design combined with a clear problem and solution.



This is a very detailed pitch deck that carefully outlines their business model, and more importantly makes a very accurate and understandable financial model that portrays their annual revenue and 5 year growth rate. Name dropping management from Twitter, Paypal, and Google never hurts either.




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