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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Every pitch tells a story

Every investor pitch needs to tell the same basic story to signal to investors that their company represents a solid, safe, investment that will make them good returns. Each story needs to have these elements:

  • Here’s a problem
  • Many people/businesses have this problem, and the problem is severe and causes people a lot of pain
  • We have a vision for what the world will look like if that problem is solved, and here it is
  • Our thing/service works like this to solve that problem — look, here’s how it works!
  • Our target audience has been trying to solve this problem in these other ways. Here are all the ways those methods are not working for them and why our way WILL definitely work for them.
  • We have an unfair advantage; we un-level the playing field for competitors. They don’t stand a chance against us.
  • Let me show you how this business makes money, and therefore, how you will make money as an investor.
  • This business will scale rapidly; let me show you how many customers we’re going to add, and how that growth creates financial value.
  • We’ve already achieved so much with so little money and few resources. Here’s what we plan to do next.
  • We just need some money from YOU, and here’s what we plan to do with it.
  • We are the RIGHT TEAM to make all this happen. Look at our experiences, resumes, proven track records. You are not taking a risk when you invest in our company.
  • In summary, we’re a solid investment, and you should get in now, because it’s the right time.

That is the core story arc. However, based upon what the company is actually trying to do or what assets they bring to the table, we change the order of the story or position the protagonists and antagonists differently to create more IMPACT or DRAMA to win the hearts and minds of investors.

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