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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Dress For Your Next Investor Pitch

Dressing for success is imperative for aspiring entrepreneurs that are preparing to meet with investors or venture capitalists. It’s important to avoid wearing clothing or outfits that could be distracting from the actual presentation you are giving to potential investors. It is helpful to remember to avoid gimmicks and to resist the temptation of letting your product affect how you dress for the meeting or presentation. Some aspiring entrepreneurs have found that dressing one level above the company norm is typically best for meetings with venture capitalists. Sometimes it’s just easier to ask what attire is most appropriate for the upcoming meeting.

Going for business casual while avoiding any distracting attire is typically the best bet for both women and men entrepreneurs that have a meeting with investors coming up. Some entrepreneurs prefer to overdress or underdress by 20 percent in order to give the impression to investors that they are either a trendy professional or a hungry entrepreneur. Many people are able to get ahead and have effective interviews because they take the time to consult trendy fashion magazines for tips that are catered to business professionals. Aside from the perfect attire, aspiring entrepreneurs need to perfect their investor pitch with mock investors like friends and family members. Whether it’s worrying about your pitch deck or the right outfit for the big day, entrepreneurs should always plan ahead when possible.

It’s important to remember to dress to impress and be sure to wear something that makes you feel confident. A clean and neat professional look is typically the best look to go for; just remember not to overdo it with something too flashy. It’s helpful to think about what the potential investors will be wearing and play off of that. It’s important to try and avoid making anyone feel uncomfortable at the upcoming investor meeting. Matching the corporate culture of the investors or of the proposed business is usually the best bet. Most business professionals think it’s better to over dress rather than underdress, as long as it’s nothing too gaudy or tacky.

You want investors to be impressed or to feel some type of kinship with you. Showing up in something that makes investors question whether or not they will take you seriously is the worst mistake many aspiring entrepreneur can make.

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