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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Investors don’t want to see your baby pictures


Unless of course you have a newborn, in which case they might. The baby we are referring to is your shiny new company.

An all too common mistake entrepreneurs make when first creating their investor pitch is opening with all of their accomplishments. They list all the awards they have won, positive reviews of their product/service and all the qualified people brought on to their team. By laying these things out at the beginning of the pitch deck, entrepreneurs are establishing their credibility in the eyes of investors. Right?

Unfortunately, not quite. By the time the entrepreneur gets to what it is they actually do, 4 minutes have passed and the investors are already thinking about their lunch plans.

While these are certainly necessary elements to include in any investor pitch, they are far from the most important to the actual investors. The people you are pitching to are most interested in one thing: how are you going to make them money? The longer you take to answer that question the less likely you are to get the funds you need.

Instead of placing these items at the front of your pitch, save them for the end. Chances are if the investors aren’t swayed by your idea, a list of accolades (regardless of how impressive) is not going to change their minds anyways.

So what should you put at the front of your investor pitch? Tell us what you think in the comments section, and we’ll let you know our method later this week.

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