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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Importance of Telling a Story in Your Investor Pitch

storytelling-copyAcquiring angel investors can be the difference between success and failure for a new business. The main challenge that comes with raising money from angels is getting angel investors excited enough to commit to the project. Many angel investors have entrepreneurs approaching them on a daily basis pitching potential deals, and startups really have to amaze them to be picked. Standing out from the noise can be difficult even when you have a brilliant idea and a kick-ass team; having a powerful and clear investor pitch deck is vital to communicating how you’re different than the unwashed masses, and the best way to do that is through storytelling.

Telling a Story

Why is telling a story during your investor pitch a powerful driver of success? People relate to stories at a fundamental human level; from cavemen’s paintings on cave walls to Homer’s Odyssey we have used storytelling to pass down all sorts of information. By tapping into this inherent human understanding of story elements, you can help the angel investor to visualize the product or the service. By positioning your startup as the protagonist in your story, you can play on emotions and visualizations to really get angel investors interested and excited in your company.

Marketing the Product

Another reason angel investors will love your story is because it is a natural starting point for marketing the product. Your potential customers are human too, and will identify with a good story just as much as any angel investor . If the story is good enough to lock in an angel investor for thousands of dollars, it will also probably be good enough to attract customers that are interested in using your product or service. Once angel investors start to become interested in your startup, you will immediately start thinking of how they can help you get the product sold in the market. By giving them an easily relatable story to work with, your angel investors will not have to get that creative to get the job done. This will also help keep your startup brand consistent as you move forward expanding your company.


Entrepreneurs should take their time when crafting a story to tell an angel investor. Angel investors tend to be very intelligent individuals, and they will typically rely logic and reason to try and mitigate emotionally driven excitement. They typically can see the value in a startup before many other people, but even if you have a great idea there are a dozen other people competing for the same money. Because of this, entrepreneurs have to be very creative when coming up with a story that will actually appeal to investors. A poorly crafted story is a waste of your time and you potential investor’s time. Focus on creating something that flows logically, showcases all of the best qualities of your idea, and is told in an interesting and accessible way.

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